Roller Coaster

rusutsu rollercoaster

I’m learning to ride the roller coaster my brain provides me. It’s more and more clear that external circumstances are not at all what change my mood or even necessarily change the quality of my day.

Sure there’s usually an outside trigger, but how I react can vary drastically based on nothing else but an 8 lb maze of tissue and neurons that I will never fully understand.

The other day I actively talked myself out of a crap mood. You guys, I was so proud of myself. Which must be the mating call of hubris.

This morning my intention during my practice was to feel vibrant. And let’s just say I had less success. And so I’m going to try to be satisfied with slightly less than vibrant today and see how it goes.

Vibrancy hidden under packed powder at an amusement park in Japan. Image here.

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