This & That: Warm Up

If it’s a little brisk in your bedroom when you wake up, try some warming postures to get the blood flowing and the joints lubricated.

This one is a little more difficult to show with just one image, so I’m going to have to explain a bit.
– Start in a relaxed forward fold with your knees bent.
– Bend your knees even more. More. More!
– Until you’re basically in a squat with your knees bent and your hands on the floor to help stabilize you. Raise your head and look up gently.
– Inhale, and straighten your legs until you come into forward fold again
– Exhale, bend your knees into squat
– Repeat as slow or as quickly as you like to wake up the body and get warm.

First image from the lovely wit and delight. The second image of forward fold is from Kat Saks Yoga.

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