The Road Ahead

[Elowah Falls, OR]

I can’t come up with a comprehensible (or comprehendible) end-of-year post right now, but here are some random thoughts about things I’d like to do in the future. Some are specific, some are general. Some don’t really make any sense at all. But I was trying to keep them positive and otherwise not to limit myself just to see what would come out.

So, here it is in all its messy glory – some thoughts on the road ahead.

Write, write, write.

Practice yoga, yoga, yoga.

Take more photographs and learn how to take them better.


Continue towards a kinder diet. Cook!

Speak French

Cut and paste and staple and craft. Crochet. Create.

Have some girls over for brunch.

Assist at PYTT monthly.

Assist at a travel program.

Create a warm home with laughter and love.

Take long walks with Kaylee.

Spend less time with the laptop in bed before sleep.

Sit. Reflect, don’t wallow. Learn. Be. Live.

Learn to ride a horse.

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