Mat Goes Here: Yurt

yurt from notes on design

When I lived in Hood River, OR there was a small yoga studio inside a yurt that the owner had built in her yard. Let’s pause for a moment to take that in. Yurt in her yard. This doesn’t really happen in New York.

Ever since then I’ve pictured myself throwing down the mat in one of these bad boys. Here are some lovelies I’ve found recently. What do you think? [Image from A Note on Design]

yurt from yurts blog

One thing I love about yurts (if I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that…) is that the structure is open to the sky. Beautiful. [Image from this yurt blog]

Yurt from Blikk

I know this image is a little fuzzy. Mucho unprofessional. But I would do yoga here. Even if I were pixelated. [Image from this Hungarian site, which, oddly, may not be safe for work.]