How I Do: Class Prep

how i prep

Whether I’m getting ready for a class I lead regularly or a one I’ll be teaching for the first time, I always make a class plan.

If I’m heading in to a class I’m really comfortable with, my focus might be on a particular theme or muscle group, or even giving students something new that I think they’re ready for.

But if I’m prepping for a new class – like I was recently for my first kids’ yoga class – the process is a little more involved. For me, writing helps me remember, so I write out my class plan by hand in a notebook.

I cross things out as I go, rewrite it, switch the order around and generally make a mess. Then I re-write it all nice and neat and clean. I know, it’s a little crazy. I may never look at those notes again, but writing them out helps me structure my thoughts and remember the little details I wanted to include.

Here’s trick I learned in college: If I look at my notes right before I go to sleep, it all seems to settle in over night. I feel like my brain is hard at work processing all that information while I snooze and I wake up confident instead of nervous!

What do you do to get ready to teach?