Mat Goes Here: Galleries

art gallery yoga

I’ve talked about the craving to do yoga in art galleries before. I’m not sure where the fascination comes from. I’m either inspired by all the open space and creativity, or I see asana as a celebration of it. Either way, here are some spaces I would throw down my mat and get creative. [Image from Le Parvenue blog.]


The spirals of the Guggenheim in New York are like the spirals of our body. I could imagine doing amazing twists in this space. Reaching up with the breath, making the spine long, and twisting on the exhale. Dizzying. [Image of the Guggenheim from NPR.]

MoMA Rothko

I love the MoMA here in New York. Especially the huge open spaces (like where Marina Abramović did her seated installation) surrounded by art.

[This third image is straight from and this is thier official attribution: Installation view of Abstract Expressionist New York: The Big Picture. Photo: Jason Mandella.

Also, “Mat Goes Here” is inspired by this column by The Jealous Curator.]