wisdom from the web

I lifted this post, in its entirety, from penelope illustration. I often find wisdom and inspiration in her words, and this one went down like hot tea with honey and filled me up from the inside out.

Thank you.

call love this very moment. when your patience is thin and you’re walking too quickly. trying to escape this moment. reaching for the top shelf. breathing shallow on tip toes. call love. get quieter. find that little space at the bottom and just be there for a minute or two. pause yourself. walking around in circles if you have to. feeling the pads of your feet sticking to the wood floors. or stay put and feel it burn for a little longer. the clock will keep ticking.

and if you call love, it’ll be there. it shows up as a cat rubbing against your legs. or a letter from a friend. or a skinned knee. it shows up.

and you’re off the hook.