Warrior One

[photo used without permission, from the extremely serious-looking ANTM Great Wall of China shoot]

I set the water to boil, hussled over to the yoga mat and pressed play on my trusty Yoga Download podcast. As I stood in Tadasana, Kaylee came and sat behind me, keeping guard close enough that I had to straddle her as I lunged, and step over her into my own down dog – bringing my nose to touch hers. She made it impossible to take myself too seriously.

As I flowed from utkatasana back to a lunge and up to warrior one, I felt the power of the pose running through me. But at the same time, I felt completely goofy and myself. I felt the burn in my forward leg, my solar plexus reaching up to the sky and I actually growled. I made some kind of play-angry face and let out a noise. And then laughed, and breathed, and laughed some more into forward fold letting it all go, pour out of me back onto the mat.

In those moments and the ones following, as I finished making breakfast and danced with the dog, I really felt the power of play. God, it just helps to laugh. And to not take things too seriously. I think I have the dog to thank for that lesson today, and yoga, of course.