Blue Skies and Plans


The best days I had in Rome happened whenever the plans got messed up, like when we slept through the alarm and missed a walking tour of Rome, only to spend the day walking through a tiny mountain town, out of the city rain. In Florence, I had one measly little tour planned and we completely missed it. Yet, we ended up standing at the feet of the David nevertheless, overwhelmed and awed.

It got me wondering why I bother getting so stuck to ‘the plan’ anyway. I’m not saying any forethought should go completely out the window – some of my absolute favorite meals were at restaurants we booked in advance – but letting go a little bit and leaving room for the wild and crazy made for a much better time.

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Do you bring yoga on vacation?

I’m heading out to Carmel By the Sea for a sure-to-be-amazing wedding, and it comes to mind that I’m not the best at packing. I bring a lot of one thing (this time: striped sweaters) but then completely neglect another (who knows what it will be this time!).

But there is one thing I always pack – my yoga mat. I have one old, beat up mat with dog-chewed corners that I always fold and lay on top of everything in my carry-on bag. I brought it to Hawaii and was so grateful to roll it out every morning.

I won’t say I ALWAYS use it. But it’s a good reminder for me that yoga doesn’t exist just in a studio somewhere. I can practice anywhere – even without a mat.

Do you bring your yoga with you?