This & That: Life

If you feel overwhelmed on occasion, consider trying restorative yoga. I know it seems a lot like lying down on blankets, and it is, but it’s the antidote to everything that does the trick for me.

Dedicating time to yourself and to the sole purpose of consciously letting go each body part, and your mind, is something we just do not do when we do our other “relaxing” activities, like watching TV or reading or even sleeping. It’s so easy to de-prioritize this, but letting go is just as important as go, go, going.

First image care of Columbia University. Second image from Discovery Yoga.

Weekend Activities

Saturday I did a home practice with a Dave Farmar podcast. He’s good. I ate a really magnificent eggs florentine, and then went to the MoMA and watched a woman dance in sand for 15 minutes while listening to the people around me complain about it.

Sunday I did the same Dave Farmar practice except this time I was super cranky about it. I went to the Museum of Natural History with friends and Journeyed to the Stars with Whoopi Goldberg, and then enjoyed taxidermy while constantly finding the gift shop and nothing else. I came home and watched Enlighten Up!, which I liked but didn’t love. And I wrote an email to my dad. Love that guy. Oh, and I also made wasabi chick peas using this recipe, which I remembered to halve. They’re really addictive; I think it’s the salt.