This & That: Strong Shoulders

strong shoulders, side plank


When it comes to strengthening arms and shoulders, chaturanga is an easy get. But what about side plank?

Vasisthasana requires some serious shoulder stability, and if you’ve ever done it, that might be obvious to you. The entire shoulder girdle comes into play, not just the upper arms.

Over time, I’ve decided that the benefits of side plank way outweigh my resistance to practicing it. And, let me tell you, that resistance is significant.

Ok, so strong, stable shoulder girdle, strong wrists, extended legs. And because it’s a balancing posture, it strengthens the core too – requiring you to pull your belly up and in towards the spine for stability. That’s intense!

This is the kind of posture that reminds me this is a practice and the more often I do it, the less I dislike it. Because, I mean, come on. I still don’t love it.

The lovely shoulder was found here. The image of side plank comes from Looking For Om.