Like a Gazelle


When I used to play youth center soccer, my mother told me I had two different ways of running: like a gazelle and like a mack truck, which seems to have been an early indication of my dislike for cardio activities.*

I just don’t like to move quickly. I like slow, I like graceful. Anything I try to do quickly, I tend to do clumsily. Yoga? It’s a physical challenge, but I could manage to move through with some amount of fluidity.

But where does that leave me when it comes to cardio activity? Not much of anywhere. Over the years I’ve tried step aerobics, kickboxing, running, Zumba… and on.

This week I went to SLT Yoga – what my friend calls Hip Hop Yoga. Normally, I don’t look to my yoga practice for my dose of Rihanna, but I figured I’d give it a try. And to be honest, I liked it.

There was way more “yoga” than I expected. And by that I mean, not just asana – but breath work, non-judgment, staying present. The music helped me stay in the moment. It was definitely different, but I admit the volume level absolutely helped my mind stay in the room.

I don’t think Vinyasa to a blaring playlist of The Fugees is going to replace my regular practice, but I’ll definitely go again. Like a gazelle.

*Update: My mother denies having ever said this.

This image is from Yoga With Kristin B. She’s got a bunch of playlists you can check out online.