This & That: Allergies

inversions for allergies

Even though it doesn’t really feel like spring yet here in New York (the forecast as I write this is actually for MORE snow!) I did hear a rumor that it’s officially spring. Which means eventually there could be fresh blooms, green grass between your toes and, for some folks, allergies.

Backbends help to expand the chest and lungs offering a boost in breath capacity, while inversions can help open nasal passages – the major stuffy culprit when it comes to pollen allergies.

The wheel pose seen here is gorgeous, but a nice fish pose would accomplish the same chest opening along with a little inversion, too.

And when it comes to increased breathing capacity, really, nothing beats breath work. Makes sense, right? If you have a pranayama practice, this is a great time to kick it into gear with kapalabhati and nadi sodana.

This gorgeous bouquet comes from Studio Choo. Please go see their work. It’s so amazing. And this impressive wheel pose was found at a blog called yogAnne.