Neti, part II

I still do not love the Neti Pot. My second attempt – it took me about a week to gather the courage to try it again – wasn’t much better. I used less salt, which was very helpful. Because when the warm water was somehow lodged in my sinuses and seeped into my brain cavity, it didn’t burn quite as much as less time. Improvement! Every little bit counts.

The Neti Pot (aka Ouch, there’s salt in my brain.)

Friends have been singing neti pot-praises for a while, but I’ve been a little too frightened to try it. This long weekend, though, L. and I are going to try some form of cleanse (which will probably mean we eat soup for half a day and then get really hungry). In any case, in the spirit of cleansing the system, I thought I’d give my lonely neti pot a try.

Right there on the instructions it recommends against using sea salt, as it can be an irritant. I think that this is a bit understated. We don’t have regular table salt in the house, so I figured, “eh, I’ll give it a go.”

But “irritant” wasn’t quite accurate. I would have preferred if the instructions had a big red star and arrows and a warning that said something along the lines of: Danger! Sea salt will melt your eyeballs from the inside out!

After some minutes of waterboarding myself, I finally got the hang of it. And with water skillfully flowing out my opposite nostril I gave myself a well-deserved (and mental) pat on the back. Until I read the next step: Some people use one full pot for each nostril.

Are you kidding me? I’d rather wash my brains with saltines.

Needless to say, I’ll be picking up some nice, gentle table salt in the near future. And then, maybe, I’ll try this whole thing again.

Anyone have any tips on making this process more pleasant? Or less unpleasant? Leave a note in the comments. Thanks!