Ga-ga Yoga


I was just talking to a friend of mine about this pose the other day. For the record, I’m not even close. And Gaga is doing it in those boots, and wig, and, is that a tuxedo jacket with tails?

Clearly this is some kind of PR stunt, but I’m not sure if it’s PR for Gaga, or for the studio – or for Bikram (R). (Do you think Choudhury approves?)

I wonder if Gaga is staging this as part of her bizarro image: Look, I do weird yoga too! But is yoga still considered that weird or is this just proof of how mainstream the practice has become?

Anyway, it gets us talking about yoga. And that can’t be bad.


Would you spend $18 on fashionable onion-chopping goggles? [via outblush]

Jewelry, vases, flirty tops, eco-yoga mats. And onion goggles? This seems so absolutely decadent to me. I can’t believe these actually exist. With $18 (plus shipping and handling) you could:

-Go to a yoga class
-Buy 3 Starbucks coffees
-Order the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter (and get one FREE!)
-Support an artist while you beautify with handmade art under $20 at etsy
-Drink a good bottle of wine
-Wear a T-shirt with a built-in nametag that reads “Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed my Father. Prepare to die.” [at ThinkGeek]
-Let people know you’re crabby with THREE wooden “I’m Crabby” signs from Oriental Trading
-Write and send about 40 letters to people you love
-Donate to a good cause of your choice

What else would you rather spend $18 on?

Life vs. Stuff

“At the end of this short journey, you’ll look back and remember your experiences, the people you loved and who loved you back, the things you did and didn’t do. Not the stuff you had.” From Love Life, Not Stuff

I just finished reading this article up at Zen Habits and how timely it is! I’ve found myself wanting to spruce up the apartment – new plants for the porch, new wall treatment and art for the bedroom – and my wardrobe lately. At first I chalked it up to a change in the weather and an embrace of summer sunshine. But as I look closer, I think wanting the new ‘stuff’ comes from a desire for a change in lifestyle.

I want new plants and art because I want to surround myself with nature and beauty. But the most gratifying solution, the instant fix, comes from refurnishing my surroundings, instead of changing my life. How strange it is to realize this consumer impulses. I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, since I work in advertising and live eyes deep into a culture that supports retail therapy. Still, I’m disturbed by this impulse.

I can just go read a book outside, instead of watching TV indoors. I can make art instead of buying it, and tap into my own creativity. I can create my surroundings without spending money. And, more importantly, as this article points out, is it really what is outside of me that I long to change?

filing jointly

We had our meeting the other day with the accountant for 2008 taxes. I was thinking on the trip there what a couples counseling / psych job this guy must have. My partner and I were already sparring that morning heading out. I started to ball myself and cinch in to protect myself from the utter disappointment of looking at my total years salary and confronting the amount of money I would owe and not have.

The meeting went amazingly well. Our accountant worked his magic – speaking about himself, surname only, in the third person and referring to Uncle Sam often – “Moles says you pay this but Uncle Sam says you pay this and then whadya do?” He figured out low payments for both of us and we left pleased.

I received a session the other day. My money issues came up again. Issues is not even the right choice of wording. It’s a wire corset that I wear, entwined on me, shackled into this belief system that so entangles I can’t see my way out of the braces. There were no resolutions in my session. I was frustrated. I am crawling. I was saying unkind things. I was letting go of ideas and principles. I don’t respect rich people. I think people who save money are afraid of death. I am not good at hanging onto money. I live close to the cloth. I don’t consume a lot but I also can’t have a lot of money around. Paradoxes, unconnected thoughts. Fragments. Spew. A bile of ideas on money and my worth, as an earner was comin from me. I couldn’t make sense of it and I can make sense of everything. I have serious complexities about wealth and worth and consuming. Did I become a non-consumer b.c. my family consumes food and drink and things so well? Am I a non-consumer simply b.c. I am afraid of my lack of self-control about food and drink and things? Do I want to keep up with the Joneses? Do I envy? Am I afraid of the clamor I have for nice things? I like a full pantry. A heavy meal makes a hearty home.

At integration, I sat up from my forward fold. I sobbed. I had a glimpse, an image of my partner and I standing in our healthy, happy home. He standing tall as provider; me standing beside him as equal provider. I cried b.c. I almost believe this. I believe it in session with deep breaths and peace around me. I believe we both bring so much to a mutual love. I wanted to appreciate him for his monetary providing and hard work. I wanted to appreciate me for the love and cleanliness and comfort I gather to our home. In that moment, I could forget my strife of low-earner, career derailed misfit of emotional strife.