Meditation Everywhere

Is anyone else doing Yoga Journal’s Meditation Revolution? I started strong, but petered out a bit. I have, however, kept up with the pranayama introduced in week two. I’m working the balance between doing things because I feel like I should (meditating), and doing things that I actually like to do (pranayama). In my head, I get muddled with thoughts of discipline and mental rewards. But maybe it’s just okay to do the practices that work for me without a force fit.

I saw this image today as I browsed Ikea for a new platform bed. I don’t think this frame is my style, but hello meditation everywhere!

Image from Ikea.

Leela and Chakra Game Play

Have you heard about Deepak Chopra’s latest venture, Leela? Launching today, it’s a meditation based video game where players work through the seven chakras focusing on movement and pranayama. The Leela website calls it:

a groundbreaking game concept that combines ancient relation and meditation techniques with technology to bring focus, energy and balance to your life.

The whole thing seems to be predicated on biofeedback, which makes sense to me. Yoga Dork is right, the demo makes the whole thing look pretty “trippy” (YD saw a live demo and reviewed the game. The demo I saw was on the Leela site.) but I have to say I’m intrigued.

I don’t think I’ll be going out to buy an Xbox anytime soon, so I’ll probably miss the opportunity to play. But who knows, maybe my niece and nephew will stop playing Lego Starwars long enough for me to sidle up to the Wii.