Mat Goes Here: Beach House

mat goes here - beach house

Alright kids. I’m done with all this cold weather business. It’s time to dig our toes in the sand and play. So I’m ending this week with some beach house yoga fantasies.

Listening to the sound of the waves, sleeping on cool crisp sheets, letting the breeze blow through. Sun salutations at dawn and dusk. Feeling the sunshine on your skin. I might even consider having a beer with that. Cheers. Have a great weekend!

All three of these inspiring images are from Blood and Champagne, a blog that makes me drool on the regular.

Mat Goes Here: Retreat

mat goes here - retreat

Let the Friday daydreaming begin. I got hooked on these images of a retreat space on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The green is so lush, the walls look cool to the touch and I love the swatch of drapery pooled in the copper tub in that first image.

The whole scene looks absolutely peaceful. The staging is gorgeous and I can almost smell the humidity (in a good way). I’ll meet you there.

All three of these images are from Elixir de Careyes.

Mat Goes Here: Chalet

chalet yoga

We’re going to end this week with some chalet-style yoga if you don’t mind. Maybe a little asana for heart and hearth, followed by some hot cocoa. I’m in.

First image is from a blog called Bliss. And the second is from my scandinavian home.

You may notice a slightly different look around here lately and by increments. All thanks to the lovely ladies of Blogshop. Nothing is perfect, of course. I’m still learning!

Mat Goes Here: Secret Garden

secret garden

This week I’m imagining yoga in a secret garden. The soft, soft grass. Dirt under the fingernails in downward dog. This looks amazing.

I found this image here, but can’t find it attributed anywhere! Troubles with Pinterest.

secret garden yoga

Ooh, let’s put the mat somewhere hiding back there. Under the shade of the tree. Listening to the leaves rustle in the breeze. Maybe a little babbling brook action. I’m happy.

Find this image here.

behind this door

I’d lay down my mat behind this door. Wouldn’t you?

Image here. Also, “Mat Goes Here” is inspired by this column by The Jealous Curator.

Mat Goes Here: Inside Out


This week I’m thinking about warmer weather and those glorious spaces that are neither inside nor outside. I’d do yoga here, for sure.

This image from the beautiful A Note On Design tumblr.


There are a million things I want to do in this space. Yoga is one of them. (Nap, read, drink tea, have a dance party, get my asana on…)

Image from Remodelista.


The rug, the cushions, the sun, the sky! Yeah, I would do yoga here. For whatever reason, this perfect line from Chevy Chase popped into my head.

Also, “Mat Goes Here” is inspired by this column by The Jealous Curator.

Mat Goes Here: Yurt

yurt from notes on design

When I lived in Hood River, OR there was a small yoga studio inside a yurt that the owner had built in her yard. Let’s pause for a moment to take that in. Yurt in her yard. This doesn’t really happen in New York.

Ever since then I’ve pictured myself throwing down the mat in one of these bad boys. Here are some lovelies I’ve found recently. What do you think? [Image from A Note on Design]

yurt from yurts blog

One thing I love about yurts (if I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that…) is that the structure is open to the sky. Beautiful. [Image from this yurt blog]

Yurt from Blikk

I know this image is a little fuzzy. Mucho unprofessional. But I would do yoga here. Even if I were pixelated. [Image from this Hungarian site, which, oddly, may not be safe for work.]