Buddha Baby

Buddha Baby

I am so excited to be taking another training at Karma Kids. Led by Jyothi Larson, Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby, is all about postnatal yoga for new mothers and babies – obviously. There is something about that so-new relationship between a mom and baby, and between a new mom and her self, that I find completely compelling.
It’s so basic and so, so important.

A couple of years ago, I visited my M&M Chicago co-hort soon after she became a mamma. I was really in awe of the whole scene. Her apartment was all of a sudden a home. My friend turned into a parent overnight. That transformation is amazing to watch. And the baby, at about 2 weeks old, was my first baby-friend. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was humbled and honored to my core.

On the flight home I was reading up on doulas – post-pardum in particular. I didn’t end pursuing doula training, but the trip sparked a real call to support those awe-inspiring new relationships. I did drag my heels for two years, but I’m finally doing it. My post-natal training starts next month.

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How I Do: Class Prep

how i prep

Whether I’m getting ready for a class I lead regularly or a one I’ll be teaching for the first time, I always make a class plan.

If I’m heading in to a class I’m really comfortable with, my focus might be on a particular theme or muscle group, or even giving students something new that I think they’re ready for.

But if I’m prepping for a new class – like I was recently for my first kids’ yoga class – the process is a little more involved. For me, writing helps me remember, so I write out my class plan by hand in a notebook.

I cross things out as I go, rewrite it, switch the order around and generally make a mess. Then I re-write it all nice and neat and clean. I know, it’s a little crazy. I may never look at those notes again, but writing them out helps me structure my thoughts and remember the little details I wanted to include.

Here’s trick I learned in college: If I look at my notes right before I go to sleep, it all seems to settle in over night. I feel like my brain is hard at work processing all that information while I snooze and I wake up confident instead of nervous!

What do you do to get ready to teach?

Yoga Bimbi


Oh, baby. I just signed on for a kids’ yoga teacher training class at Karma Kids Yoga here in the city. I’ve had wonderful teachers and inspiration giving me great advice, but I’m even more excited to dig in and put some serious attention into training.

I have fantasies of perfect little bambinos, but I know better. They’ll rock and roll and run around, of course, and I can’t wait.

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