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I lifted this post, in its entirety, from penelope illustration. I often find wisdom and inspiration in her words, and this one went down like hot tea with honey and filled me up from the inside out.

Thank you.

call love this very moment. when your patience is thin and you’re walking too quickly. trying to escape this moment. reaching for the top shelf. breathing shallow on tip toes. call love. get quieter. find that little space at the bottom and just be there for a minute or two. pause yourself. walking around in circles if you have to. feeling the pads of your feet sticking to the wood floors. or stay put and feel it burn for a little longer. the clock will keep ticking.

and if you call love, it’ll be there. it shows up as a cat rubbing against your legs. or a letter from a friend. or a skinned knee. it shows up.

and you’re off the hook.

Yoga is…

[at Kripalu]

Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself. – Bhagavad Gida

Hustling up and down the stairs at least four times a day this long weekend, and damned if this one didn’t smack me between the eyes every time. That is some serious business right there, and for me, there’s no running away from it. It grinds me down, but I like it.

Something’s Coming

Could be!
Who knows?
There’s something due any day;
I will know right away,
Soon as it shows.
It may come cannonballing down through the sky,
Gleam in its eye,
Bright as a rose!

Who knows?
It’s only just out of reach,
Down the block, on a beach,
Under a tree.
I got a feeling there’s a miracle due,
Gonna come true,
Coming to me!

Could it be? Yes, it could.
Something’s coming, something good,
If I can wait!
Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is,
But it is
Gonna be great!

With a click, with a shock,
Phone’ll jingle, door’ll knock,
Open the latch!
Something’s coming, don’t know when, but it’s soon;
Catch the moon,
One-handed catch!

Around the corner,
Or whistling down the river,
Come on, deliver
To me!
Will it be? Yes, it will.
Maybe just by holding still,
It’ll be there!

Come on, something, come on in, don’t be shy,
Meet a guy,
Pull up a chair!
The air is humming,
And something great is coming!
Who knows?
It’s only just out of reach,
Down the block, on a beach,
Maybe tonight . . .

with mmchi in mind 😉

Renunciation and Dace in NY

At the Rubin Museum of Art Thomas Kelly exhibits striking photographs of sadhus, wandering ascetic of Huduism, called Body Language: The Yogis of India and Nepal.

And from those who renounce to those who dance. I’m also hypnotized by Jordan Matter’s series of photographs entitled Dancers Among Us.

These are joyful shots of gorgeous dancers camouflaged by an unsuspecting public. I just love the joy and surprise of these photos. They’re a great reminder of what the body is capable of, and I also see them as a simple call to celebrate.
[via flavorwire]

Condo Yoga, Relaunch

I am incredibly pleased, proud, excited and nervous to announce the official relaunch of Condo Yoga, my wee company aiming to bring yoga to the people – wherever they are.

This venture is a work of love, and I’m so hopeful for its future and the possibilities it brings. If you’re so inclined, please take a visit. The new site is up and running here, and I’ll be adding news, updates and offers on the Facebook page as well.


I got it, I got it, I don’t got it.

[photo by
MasTaPiannisat AshtangaNews]

I’ve been a little stuck. But you probably knew that. It happens. Cyclically. I get inspired, leap, hit my stride, get in a groove, then get in a rut, get bored. Then stuck.

But something happened the other night. I got home from work and whipped out the yoga mat. I did a 45 minute practice where I tried new things and shocked myself with my accomplishments. (Yes, I know yoga is not a contest but, c’mon! It feels good to do things you didn’t know you could do.)

This time it was Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana. Well, sort of extended, but definitely hand-to-big-toe. Not perfect, by any means, but still! I’d never done that before and I was so surprised I actually started laughing mid-pose and fell out of it.

Inspired, I got up the next day and went to my first in-studio class in about six months. My brain was not at all accustomed to being on the mat for so long, but my body welcomed it. I feel the groove coming on. I can hear the beat.

And then yesterday, bam, I missed class. This morning? The dog was whining to go out mid-Namaskar B (I’ve learned not to ignore her). So tonight I’ll go to class – and, cue sad trombone – I have a last-minute call for a project I’m volunteering on.

I feel like I’m ready to leap, ready to hit my stride. Weeeee! I am so close to getting my groove on I can hardly sit still in this office chair all day. I just don’t want to lose the momentum, you know? The wheels are turning. The plane is picking up speed and I’m ready to take off and soooaar. And I want to catch this updraft before I crash and want to do nothing but nap.