Lesson Learned

Yesterday I kind of snacked all day and by the time dinner came around, all I wanted was a salad. Of course I’d just tossed a perfectly rotted head of romaine that morning. Where was this salad craving earlier?

I ended up microwaving some frozen spinach nuggets. Let me tell you something unsurprising. That was completely gross and unsatisfying. When I didn’t have a microwave, I didn’t miss it. Now that I have one, I’d like to ignore it completely. It makes food soft and lukewarm. And gross.

I tried to make up for it this morning with a green juice. Kale, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger, lemon anyone? Yes. Much better.

Hiding Behind the Mat

I feel like it’s important to share this no-dairy journey, but I’ll spare you the play-by-play action. It’s only day deux and I’m not facing any particularly interesting challenges or feeling any special magic vegan fairy dust. I am happy to be on this path knowing I will feel better in the long run, and I’m really looking forward to feeling clearer.

In the meantime, life goes on. I’m currently looking for new health insurance (again!). I’m working with my daily practice and am considering taking this show on the road – adding some classes into the mix and considering taking up the teaching mantle once again.

It’s intimidating to think about going back out there. I’m afraid of rejection, of putting myself “out there” and it seems so much safer to practice at home and pontificate online.

I wonder, too, if I’m waiting to be “better” before I go out there. Waiting to have it all figured out – I have a perfect daily practice, I eat like a superhero! – to build myself up before I step out on the ledge. Even though I know damn well there is no perfect and that I just need to get out there.

Oh, man. Sometimes I hate those kinds of realizations. Because once you get there, there’s really no excuse to stay where you are without moving forward. Anyone want to come with me?

To cleanse, or not to cleanse

That is the question.

Boho Girl just finished the Master Cleanse. A tweeter I know is juice fasting. It got me thinking about the whole idea once again.

I did the Master Cleanse once about ten years ago. Three days in I had hives and an uncontrollable crying jag. But, now, I’m not so sure.

After all the stress of the move, and not having a routine, my eating habits definitely need to be reset. Some days I ingest nothing but tea until dinnertime, then feel groggy and dizzy. Other days I’m onto second breakfast before the dishes from first breakfast are cleaned.

In the mirror, my skin looks gray. I have dark circles under my eyes. My pants don’t quiet fit like they used to. And I think it all has something to do with bourbon beer and pizza being my new go-to meal.

Because I did the lemonade craziness once without much positive effect, I wonder if it’s the right way to go for me. It might be too drastic. Although, my body is certainly different now than it was back then.

What I know for sure is that I need to reset. Whether it’s juicing, raw foods or lemons I’m not sure. In the meantime, if any one has had any positive food-cleanse experiences, I’d love to hear about them.

Imperfect Delicious Zucchini Wraps

I do not cook. It’s not that I can’t. I just don’t. After having lived by myself for so long, boiling up a pot of water was about all the prep I could muster. And, frankly, a vegetarian who loves to snack doesn’t find herself a whole lot of reasons to turn on the stove.

My friends know I can live for days on apples and peanut butter, or rice cakes and veganaise, bananas and almonds – whatever concoction sneaks its way into my life tends to stick around for a long while. Whether this stems from laziness or just the fact that I’m so darned easy to please, who knows?

But now I live with L. and our busy lives often lead us to order out for dinner, or go for a late night breakfast. But recently I up and resolved – out of nowhere really – that I would prepare at least one meal a week, special.

I’m sure L. would love if that meant I learned to cook hanger steak (“it’s not a meal unless its got meat”), but I don’t know that I’ll ever be that, er, evolved.

Instead, I’ve been sticking with my strengths. Which are NOT cooking, but combining. Lucky for me, eating whole, raw foods is a healthy trend we can both benefit from.

Tonight’s recipe was adapted from one I found online (sorry that I no longer have the source). I used what we had and what sounded good to me, and it turned out DELICIOUS. Even L liked it. Though I’m pretty sure he’s about to go buy a roasted chicken as I type this.

Imperfect Delicious Zucchini Wraps (makes enough for two, I think)

2 happy, sproingy zucchini
1 juicy red apple (I used Gala)
1 avocado
3 tsps. Bragg liquid aminos
Curry powder to taste
Big, flat green lettuce leaves, to be used to wrapping

-Shred the zucchini and the apple.
I don’t have a shredder and my peeler isn’t worth shinola, so I just sliced thin like Paulie slices the garlic in Goodfellas, and then sliced stacks of those slices until I had half-inch-long spaghetti-like strips.

-Slice avocado.
This is supposed to be finely sliced as well, but I never can seem to do that. The avocado just goes sliding all over, and I get impatient and end up chopping some and then slurping avocado mush off my hands. Besides, I’ve never heard anyone complain that their pieces of avocado were too big.

-Add curry powder and Bragg’s.
-Hand toss.

-Add a dollop of the salad to a large leafy lettuce and wrap it all up.
This was the most imperfect part for me. Who can do this? I think this may take lots of practice. I kind of ended up scooping a bunch of the zucchini mixture up with a lettuce leaf and stuffing it into my mouth before everything fell out. Yum.

I wish I had taken a picture of this meal, but the lettuce wraps were just too impermanent. Next time, though. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Photo included, as promised.