This is Not Yoga

I joined a gym for the first time since December 2009. It’s in the basement of a Holiday Inn half a block from my apartment. It’s small. There is no light. It’s not sexy. So far I’ve only seen about three other men there, all with biceps the size of my thigh.

And there, I run. I go fast, I breathe hard, and sweat. There is nothing gentle, spacious or accommodating about it.

This is not yoga. But it is what I need right now.

Condo Yoga, Relaunch

I am incredibly pleased, proud, excited and nervous to announce the official relaunch of Condo Yoga, my wee company aiming to bring yoga to the people – wherever they are.

This venture is a work of love, and I’m so hopeful for its future and the possibilities it brings. If you’re so inclined, please take a visit. The new site is up and running here, and I’ll be adding news, updates and offers on the Facebook page as well.


The Challenge

Tomorrow I start my official 30 Day Challenge at The Yoga Room. According to “the plan,” October was to be yoga research month with trips to studios all over the city. And though I still hope to get out there, the idea of having a steady practice and cultivating a community of support is too attractive to pass up. Besides, I have a fear of lazing about, and by committing to this studio’s 30 Day Challenge I’ll be more likely to put my money where my mat is.

As far as teaching goes, the hussle begins. I suppose the best thing to do is just get out there. Rejections welcomed!