Pride and Prejudice in Asana

matthew macfadyenI can do chaturanga in my sleep. And I do. And by that I mean, I’m sleeping through my vinyasa half the time. I don’t know how long it lasts, but all of a sudden I’ll “wake up” and notice my shoulders way below my hips in chaturanga, or my feet aren’t aligned in, well, anything.

Today though I nailed chaturanga. I couldn’t see it; I don’t have a mirror. But I was wide awake, mindful and easy. Aligned. I could feel it. And there was the smile and the extra depth of breath for the rest of my practice. A little prejudice against laziness can’t hurt.

This image doesn’t have much to do with chaturanga, but was a great excuse to post a hunky picture of Mr. Darcy.

Mat Goes Here: Modern

put your mat here modern

These are two separate modern homes, one in Australia and another in Beunos Aires. I love the square modern aesthetic and the glow from inside and out. I could definitely see spreading my mat out in a sunny spot and taking savasana like a napping cat.

This interior was found at Just for Design. The two exterior shots were featured on Design Milk in a post called Beached House.

Mat Goes Here: Lofts

do yoga here

I love pinterest as much as the next girl, but sometimes I can’t help but look at all that shelter porn and think: I’d do yoga there. So here are some glorious loft spaces where I would be grateful to throw down my mat and roll around.

You’ll have to pardon the hides in that first image. I have. [image here]

do yoga here

The light and the coziness the simple fabric drape creates is pretty amazing. [image here]

do yoga here

This may not technically be a loft, but it’s in Paris. And I can definitely envision rolling out of bed, opening up those doors, and saluting the city of light with some asana. [image here]

Also, “Mat Goes Here” is inspired by this column by The Jealous Curator.