This & That: Digestion

…if you’re feeling the need for a little digestive compassion, try a gentle twist to squeeze the internal organs and give them the fresh oxygen they need to do their job…

This gentle twist is Bharadvajasana. I love that it allows me to rotate the spine while still being easy on the body. For my body mechanics, it’s difficult to stay equally grounded and keep my spine long and straight in Ardha Matsyendrasana. This feels like such a compassionate alternative posture for me. Maybe it will work for you too.

I love both of the images for this post. The first is from the gorgeously written, photographed, and lived in blog Gluten Free Girl. The second is from a new-to-me site, Yoga Paws.

This & That: Drinky Drink

…if you hit the martinis a little hard last night, then start your mantras and try this toxin-wringing seated twist…

The idea here is that twisting poses squeeze the organs so that they expel old blood, and allow oxygenated blood to take its place – so twisting can wring out toxins from your body, including some of that day-after-martini feeling.

First image via Design*Sponge. Second image of seated twist from Kora Organics.

Tea Love

It’s quiet in the office, just a few of us in. The snow outside has turned to sunny slush. We’re recovering from Christmas and preparing for New Years.

I’m detoxing, sort of. Caffeine is still in the mix. But no dairy, eggs, anything processed, bleached or white. So I’m a little fuzzy hazy, but in a good way. All that and tea makes for a warm and cozy feeling.