Do you bring yoga on vacation?

I’m heading out to Carmel By the Sea for a sure-to-be-amazing wedding, and it comes to mind that I’m not the best at packing. I bring a lot of one thing (this time: striped sweaters) but then completely neglect another (who knows what it will be this time!).

But there is one thing I always pack – my yoga mat. I have one old, beat up mat with dog-chewed corners that I always fold and lay on top of everything in my carry-on bag. I brought it to Hawaii and was so grateful to roll it out every morning.

I won’t say I ALWAYS use it. But it’s a good reminder for me that yoga doesn’t exist just in a studio somewhere. I can practice anywhere – even without a mat.

Do you bring your yoga with you?

tiny vacation

After a little bit of family-time visiting and one nephew’s sixth birthday party, I’m packing up the dog for a pets-only sleepover and heading out to sunny (with a chance of rain) San Francisco for a couple of days. I’m looking forward to walking the hills, eating good food, not having to bundle up in hat and gloves and scarf or dodge slush-flinging taxi cabs.

I’m hoping it will be like a teensy peek at what Spring time might be like, because I think that’s exactly what I need.

Have a lovely weekend!