Wild Asana: Cherry Blossom

side crow, cherry blossom

Every year the Brooklyn Botanic Garden celebrates Japanese culture and springtime with Sakura Matsuri, the Cherry Blossom Festival. Cherry blossom season is so inspiring. Those pink blossoms just cannot be stopped. The branch in this image reminded me of side crow – strong and solid, weightless and light.

This cherry blossom image comes from Bee Informed, a site for bee keepers. And the side crow image of Genny Brown was found at the Yoga Alliance UK site.

Wild Asana: Tulipa Kaufmannia

wild tulip asana

I love flowers and plants despite my inability to cultivate them in my own apartment. And because spring is finally here, I’ve been checking out what beauties are in bloom. This week at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Tulipa Kaufmanniana ‘Ancilla’ hits the scene.

At first I was thinking Navasana with this one. The petals seem to be at the right angle for that. But there was something even more grounded and powerful happening here. Something about the stretching and reaching for the sky in standing splits seemed like a better match. What do you think?

The Tulips kaufmannia image is by Bill Pusztai and can be found here. And the standing split was found at the Maalaimalar Tamil Daily News. Because the internet is a wonderful place.

Wild Asana: Cape Buttercup

wild asana

When I first moved to New York I used to volunteer at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I was looking for a way to get outside, maybe even meet some new people. Somehow I ended up in a back office tagging and cataloguing images for the online store. But I did get to roam the grounds a lot and go to events there, which I absolutely loved.

Right now at the BBG, the Cape Buttercup is in bloom. It’s finally spring and that feels worth celebrating with a wide, heart opening posture like Wild Thing. Limbs reaching wide like the petals on this flower, blooming open, heart to the sun.

The Cape Buttercup image is from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website. Photo by Sarah Schmidt. And that blooming wild thing can be found at Sacred Source Yoga.

Mat Goes Here: Hot House

Yoga Hot House Kyoto

It’s getting a little bit warmer here in New York. But not quite warm enough for outdoor yoga. I’m doing my best by imagining greenhouse settings for practice.

This image of a Kyoto garden from Placearama.

Hot House Yoga

This may look like a dangerous place to do balancing postures. But there’s something about the smell of a hot house that I love.

Image from At Home At Home.

brooklyn botanic garden

This last image is from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I can just imagine reaching up, up, up for those tendrils of greenery.

Image from Brooklyn Botanic Garden.