I Tried It: Goat’s Milk

When I tried goat’s milk yogurt for the first time, I’m not sure what I was expecting. Maybe something tangy or earthy. Something that smelled farm-like. But, for those of you who haven’t tried it, it tastes like yogurt. For real. It’s been a pretty seamless transition.

I love me some yogurt. Greek, regular, never fruit on the bottom. Just plain love. I’m pretty sure I lived on yogurt and granola alone for a year. But, recently I started working with a rock star nutritionist to help me navigate the sometimes-intense waters of whole health, ayurveda and nutrition – and to address some specific imbalances I’ve been having. It is all one big experiment. An experiment that includes: goat’s milk stuff.

For a while I eliminated dairy all together. But with some additional changes to my diet, it all started to feel just too restrictive and I missed my yogurt-y treat. So goat’s milk yogurt it is. Today I topped mine with a handful of almonds, half a chopped apple, and some hemp seed, and I’m a happy camper.

This is the kind my health food store carries. They name all their goats, so that’s cute.

Image from Sharon Montrose

I Tried It: Quinoa Cereal


I’m not afraid of trying new things, food wise. At least when it comes to non-meat, non-processed things. Or things with pits. Or, like, puddings with weird textures. Okay, I’m not always good at trying new things. But I’ve tried new foods for you here before. So let’s add one more item to the mix: Quinoa Cereal.

I’ve had these Cocomama packets in my pantry for a few months now – an attempt to work a protein rich breakfast into my routine. They look so good in the picture. Like oatmeal, but without all the gluten. And these are ready-to-eat. You can heat ’em up, or not. Just dive in.

After a good pantry clean-out, I had 3 pouches of this stuff waiting to be tasted. So, today was the day. Me, spoon, open pouch. Honey almond cereal, let’s go.

You guys, it just didn’t taste like food. I put it in a bowl and heated it up in the microwave. Still not so good. Then, I dumped about a table spoon of cinnamon and some salt on top and ate it up.

The “flavors” just didn’t taste real. I think any one would be better off just making regular quinoa in advance, and treat it like breakfast. Maybe cook it so it’s still a little mushier, add some breakfasty-type seasonings.

I’m going to go ahead and say, this stuff just isn’t for me. I’d imagine if you added fruit and honey, this would be a decent breakfast. But, for me, this was not a win.

I Tried It: Peanut Butter Coconut Frosting

So, I read all this amazing stuff about coconut oil as a “healthy oil.”

And I’m often up for a little dietary experimentation. Besides, I’ve been eating peanut butter from the jar for breakfast, so I don’t think anything could really hurt at this point.

Which is why this particular blog post caught my eye. Notice the title includes the word “frosting.”

Anyway, I tried this. For you. (Not really. But sort of.)

It’s basically peanut butter and solid coconut oil, with some Grade B Maple Syrup and salt. It didn’t look quite as good as this picture but I was still excited because, peanut butter.

So, maybe I don’t like coconut that much? This was actually a little difficult to finish. But I finished it. And then felt kind of nauseous for a little while. And then, shockingly, not at all hungry for lunch. I thought maybe all this protein-loading would maybe curb my snackies for the rest of the day, but considering I ate soup, toast, the rest of the soup, and an apple, and some granola all in the last hour, that seems not to be the case.

I’ll let you know if I keep up with this bizarre treat and if there are some residual positive effects, like gorgeous skin, perfect hair and a boosted metabolism.