I had my yoga bag packed and had every intention of going back to sweat myself nauseous at a Bikram class. I was hydrated. I even bought the little shorts. But you know what? I didn’t like it.

Oh, I had these Eat, Pray, Love visions of how this practice was going to transform me, body and mind. That in 30 days I’d sweat out everything that was ever wrong with me and I’d be THAT girl, the Bikram girl.

I don’t think I’m that girl, you guys. I was dreading class. And then I remembered that there’s free yoga in Bryant Park just a couple of blocks from my office. Regular temperatures? An hour long? Outside? Much more my style. The relief I felt was palpable.

So, to outdoor yoga I went. And it wasn’t perfect, and it didn’t transform my life. But I really liked it.

Image from the Bryant Park Blog.


I’m flirting with the idea of going back to Bikram for a little while. It’s not because I meditated on it and came to this conclusion. It’s because I bought a Groupon.

I like a bargain. I like a challenge. Or at least I like the idea of both of these things. In reality, I get duped sometimes and I’m lazy. I keep on meaning to cash it in, but I put it off over and over. So if I ever get there, I’ll let you know! In the meantime, I’m just daydreaming about it and looking at yoga shorts online.

This image is from Bikram Yoga Vancouver.

Ga-ga Yoga


I was just talking to a friend of mine about this pose the other day. For the record, I’m not even close. And Gaga is doing it in those boots, and wig, and, is that a tuxedo jacket with tails?

Clearly this is some kind of PR stunt, but I’m not sure if it’s PR for Gaga, or for the studio – or for Bikram (R). (Do you think Choudhury approves?)

I wonder if Gaga is staging this as part of her bizarro image: Look, I do weird yoga too! But is yoga still considered that weird or is this just proof of how mainstream the practice has become?

Anyway, it gets us talking about yoga. And that can’t be bad.