The Breath

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I’m on the couch with a heating pad and a dog and a laptop. The snow, still more snow, is swirling around outside and I just stumbled on this beautiful short film.

reathing is at the essence of being human, but not just because it keeps us alive. Like laughter and facial expressions, breathing is something of a global language, capable of communicating a surprisingly wide and nuanced range of emotions without a single word.

This collection video from The Mercadantes, the husband-and-wife filmmakers Daniel and Katina Mercadante in California, explores the human breath and its innumerable forms – from the first gasping cries of a newborn to the sighed relief of a well-earned chance to rest.

If you haven’t taken a deep breath today, I highly recommend it.

Watch the film here.


These beautiful collages, by artist Travis Bedel, merge anatomical imagery with illustrations from vintage etchings from science guides and textbooks. And I think they are just too cool.

[via Erica at honestlywtf.]

travis bedel

I agree. Just too cool.

Reminds me that my body is ready for springtime too. Just like the little sprouts that are trying to persevere the cold and push through the soil, I’m itching to push outside the walls of my routine – get outside, move my body. So ready for spring.

Inspired: Gallery Yoga

Yoga Peach recently ran this photo of Yoga in the Galleries, an offering at the Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas at Austin.

I always feel like a gallery is its own kind of sacred space, so this type of pairing makes sense to me. New York has offered gallery classes in the past at the MoMA and at theBrooklyn Museum‘s Vishnu exhibit last year. So this is certainly not a new idea. But why not a persistent one?

Here is Elena Brower practicing at the Pipilotti Rist “Pour Your Body Out” installation in 2009.

So absolutely beautiful. Do you think the art distracts from the practice or adds to it?

This is where I found the video, along with a small review of the event.

Renunciation and Dace in NY

At the Rubin Museum of Art Thomas Kelly exhibits striking photographs of sadhus, wandering ascetic of Huduism, called Body Language: The Yogis of India and Nepal.

And from those who renounce to those who dance. I’m also hypnotized by Jordan Matter’s series of photographs entitled Dancers Among Us.

These are joyful shots of gorgeous dancers camouflaged by an unsuspecting public. I just love the joy and surprise of these photos. They’re a great reminder of what the body is capable of, and I also see them as a simple call to celebrate.
[via flavorwire]