Inspired by a Superhero

I read this post from Andrea Scher recently, and teared up a bit. Oh, how I know this feeling. The glimpse of self confidence, and the light-speed trajectory into doubt and recrimination.

Where I go in my mind is like a superhighway to the darkest dark.

I’ve been riding a roller coaster myself recently. People talk about doing “the work” or “being in the inquiry.” And that all sounded like nonsense to me until I started looking at myself more deeply. Doubt, love, fear. It’s all in there – like a good spaghetti sauce.

I’m so grateful that people out there are sharing their experiences. It makes me feel less alone in the whole process.

Andrea Scher hosts e-courses, takes photos, and shares delights and truth on her blog Superhero Life. We don’t know each other. I read her blog, and thought she might inspire you, too.

Image from Vintage and Flea.