Fall is somehow all about expectation. Maybe remnants of back-to-school time. Some people look forward all year to the lazy, heavy days of summer. And I do like toes in the sand. But I anticipate tall-necked coats and hot tea in my hands. Sleeping with a window open to the chill and breathing hot breath with the covers over my head. Crunching leaves under my shoes as I walk, and walk, and walk with no end and the architecture of the city plays a movie for me.




There is plenty to do, always. I find that when I wake up in the morning there are a million things I want to do first. I want to get up really early, snooze one more time, play with the dog, get outside, get on the yoga mat, get in the shower, get breakfast in my belly. I want to do everything first. Nothing can wait. But I am really in no hurry. I’m slow in the morning.

I watch the sky turn from dawn to day. The other morning, I watched the clouds. Dark grey and rolling ominously over the city. Then eggs, scallions, fried in a pan. Deep, rich black tea. Swing the door open and eat breakfast on the porch, chased inside by the chill.

There’s a lot to do. Plenty of time.


In this dish:
Black beans
Oil & Vinegar


These beautiful collages, by artist Travis Bedel, merge anatomical imagery with illustrations from vintage etchings from science guides and textbooks. And I think they are just too cool.

[via Erica at honestlywtf.]

travis bedel

I agree. Just too cool.

Reminds me that my body is ready for springtime too. Just like the little sprouts that are trying to persevere the cold and push through the soil, I’m itching to push outside the walls of my routine – get outside, move my body. So ready for spring.

Using Yoga

Everything is changing. But everything is always changing. In several different places in my life, there is movement and change. I know my instinct in the past would be to get quiet and hibernate. But this time I feel the need to move with it.

As the focus of my days shifts to my career, it started to shift away from my practice. But it’s getting to be pretty clear that I can’t replace yoga with work. They just occupy two completely different facets of life. I still need yoga. Maybe even more now.

My almost two-decades-long practice (oh, no. not really) is still serving me. It’s reminding me to breathe, it’s nudging me to get back on the mat. It’s telling me that even though “yoga” might not be my focus, that this is the time to truly integrate yoga into my life. This is where all the lessons come into play.

I need to USE yoga to stay sane, to keep moving, and to breathe.

Mat Goes Here

chalet yoga
The new job has been keeping pretty busy. And I’ve been thinking about Martinis, despite not being able to post as much.

So, even though all my yoga lately has been done in a mat in my living room (and squeezed in sometimes while brushing my teeth in the bathroom, or while waiting for the tea to whistle…) I thought it might be nice to look back at the best of Mat Goes Here posts.

Check them all out here.

Puppy love


This January marks six years since this wily beast came into my life.

She’s curled up in a ball at my feet as I write this and I just love the little bugger. I know everyone says their dog is awesome, but I’m going to go ahead and insist that she’s really is the best. I mean, look at that face.

Her foster dog family named her “Lady Mellow,” and she truly is one chill pup. Originally I’d wanted to small dog, a carry-on. But even though I can’t take her on the subway, I love all 50 lbs of her every day. Here are some of my favorite “Daily Kaylee” shots from the last year.