Mat Goes Here: Central Park

central park yoga

Recently my office moved uptown to Columbus Circle. I’ll miss Bryant Park, but now we’ll be really close to Central Park, and my old neighborhood.

Central Park is over 840 acres, and in there, plenty of room for laying out a yoga mat. I’m more likely to practice yoga in a group when I’m way out in the open, like this first image shows. Doesn’t that grass look amazing?

But I also like the idea of a secret spot tucked away in a corner somewhere to practice in solitude away from the hustle bustle. Either way, I think there’s some outdoor yoga in store for me.

The first image was found here. And the second here.

Mat Goes Here: Green Village

rain forest yoga

I’ve never been to Bali. But if these images do it any justice, oh boy. I’m ready. I love the kind of hot weather trips where you pack your bag full of different outfits and just end up wearing a t-shirt and bathing suit bottoms the whole time you’re there.

I would lay my mat down here any day. Wouldn’t you?

I orginally found these images featured at Honestly WTF? from Green Village in Bali. Yes, please.

Mat Goes Here: Modern

put your mat here modern

These are two separate modern homes, one in Australia and another in Beunos Aires. I love the square modern aesthetic and the glow from inside and out. I could definitely see spreading my mat out in a sunny spot and taking savasana like a napping cat.

This interior was found at Just for Design. The two exterior shots were featured on Design Milk in a post called Beached House.

Mat Goes Here: Beach House

mat goes here - beach house

Alright kids. I’m done with all this cold weather business. It’s time to dig our toes in the sand and play. So I’m ending this week with some beach house yoga fantasies.

Listening to the sound of the waves, sleeping on cool crisp sheets, letting the breeze blow through. Sun salutations at dawn and dusk. Feeling the sunshine on your skin. I might even consider having a beer with that. Cheers. Have a great weekend!

All three of these inspiring images are from Blood and Champagne, a blog that makes me drool on the regular.

Mat Goes Here: Retreat

mat goes here - retreat

Let the Friday daydreaming begin. I got hooked on these images of a retreat space on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The green is so lush, the walls look cool to the touch and I love the swatch of drapery pooled in the copper tub in that first image.

The whole scene looks absolutely peaceful. The staging is gorgeous and I can almost smell the humidity (in a good way). I’ll meet you there.

All three of these images are from Elixir de Careyes.

Mat Goes Here: Chalet

chalet yoga

We’re going to end this week with some chalet-style yoga if you don’t mind. Maybe a little asana for heart and hearth, followed by some hot cocoa. I’m in.

First image is from a blog called Bliss. And the second is from my scandinavian home.

You may notice a slightly different look around here lately and by increments. All thanks to the lovely ladies of Blogshop. Nothing is perfect, of course. I’m still learning!

Mat Goes Here: Hot House

Yoga Hot House Kyoto

It’s getting a little bit warmer here in New York. But not quite warm enough for outdoor yoga. I’m doing my best by imagining greenhouse settings for practice.

This image of a Kyoto garden from Placearama.

Hot House Yoga

This may look like a dangerous place to do balancing postures. But there’s something about the smell of a hot house that I love.

Image from At Home At Home.

brooklyn botanic garden

This last image is from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I can just imagine reaching up, up, up for those tendrils of greenery.

Image from Brooklyn Botanic Garden.