I Tried It: Quinoa Cereal


I’m not afraid of trying new things, food wise. At least when it comes to non-meat, non-processed things. Or things with pits. Or, like, puddings with weird textures. Okay, I’m not always good at trying new things. But I’ve tried new foods for you here before. So let’s add one more item to the mix: Quinoa Cereal.

I’ve had these Cocomama packets in my pantry for a few months now – an attempt to work a protein rich breakfast into my routine. They look so good in the picture. Like oatmeal, but without all the gluten. And these are ready-to-eat. You can heat ’em up, or not. Just dive in.

After a good pantry clean-out, I had 3 pouches of this stuff waiting to be tasted. So, today was the day. Me, spoon, open pouch. Honey almond cereal, let’s go.

You guys, it just didn’t taste like food. I put it in a bowl and heated it up in the microwave. Still not so good. Then, I dumped about a table spoon of cinnamon and some salt on top and ate it up.

The “flavors” just didn’t taste real. I think any one would be better off just making regular quinoa in advance, and treat it like breakfast. Maybe cook it so it’s still a little mushier, add some breakfasty-type seasonings.

I’m going to go ahead and say, this stuff just isn’t for me. I’d imagine if you added fruit and honey, this would be a decent breakfast. But, for me, this was not a win.

It’s a Yang, Yang, Yang, Yang World

chandra namaskar

This morning I felt plagued with challenges. I have to caveat this and say I feel guilty about saying that. Everything is fine. Life is good. Better than good. But it was just one of those days, before 8 am.

So I rolled out the mat and got to moving and breathing. There was no cardio today. No sweating or grunting. It was a lunar flow kind of morning.

I’ve written about Chandra Namaskar before. There’s just something about this practice that helps me slow down and reconnect. I’m not saying I tune in and get all the answers. Because I certainly don’t. But even half way through my practice I started to feel more calm, more grateful. I felt less like a whirling dervish, panting and grasping for answers. And I felt a little bit more like myself.

There are many variations of Chandra Namaskar, but here is one from Yoga Journal that might be helpful.

Image from Ethical Ideal in a post about yoga for back pain. Bonus!

Buddha Baby

Buddha Baby

I am so excited to be taking another training at Karma Kids. Led by Jyothi Larson, Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby, is all about postnatal yoga for new mothers and babies – obviously. There is something about that so-new relationship between a mom and baby, and between a new mom and her self, that I find completely compelling.
It’s so basic and so, so important.

A couple of years ago, I visited my M&M Chicago co-hort soon after she became a mamma. I was really in awe of the whole scene. Her apartment was all of a sudden a home. My friend turned into a parent overnight. That transformation is amazing to watch. And the baby, at about 2 weeks old, was my first baby-friend. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was humbled and honored to my core.

On the flight home I was reading up on doulas – post-pardum in particular. I didn’t end pursuing doula training, but the trip sparked a real call to support those awe-inspiring new relationships. I did drag my heels for two years, but I’m finally doing it. My post-natal training starts next month.

Image from Athletico.

Let’s Juice Again

green juice

Yes, I have Chubby Checker singing in my head right now. But this time, he’s not talking about the twist. He’s talking about juice.

This morning I pulled the old Breville out from its hiding place and shopping in the produce aisle til I dropped.

Here’s my go to Green Juice recipe:
1 Cucumber
1 Lemon
Buncha Kale (buncha is not so technical, but, just put in a bunch)
1 little apple (oh, I know, it’s not green. but lord help me I need a little sweetness in here.)
Ginger (as much as I can stand, then some)

Teacher’s High

central park

This morning I taught my ‘Yoga With A View’ corporate yoga class, from the roof of the office building over looking Central Park. And I completely nerded out. Talking about the squeeze-and-soak benefits of eagle pose from this place – all the way up here – I felt high.

I imagined teaching before I ever took a training. I could close my eyes and feel the class. That’s why when I found the right teacher training, it didn’t matter that I was scared. I knew I had to do it.
For years after that, I didn’t teach regularly. I played with the balance of teaching and working my day job. And now – with this small, beautiful class and a kids’ yoga session starting up in the fall – I am just so completely grateful.
That’s all, kids. I just wanted to be grateful and feel good and share it. That’s it. Just high.

Beauty Break

praia piquinia

Oh you guys. I’ve been posting here with relative regularity for something like six years. A girl gets tired and introspective sometimes. And other times a girl just wants to go outside for a walk and live life away from the keyboard. I think that’s what I’m going to do for a while.

I’ll likely post here and there when the mood strikes, but I’ll apologize in advance for letting go of the three-post-a-week schedule for a little while.

For those of you interested, here are short links to some of the series I’ve been posting lately.

Wild Asana Archive
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I’ll still be around on Facebook posting a bon mot here and there if you’d like to visit and say hello! I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve been staring at the image above from Christian Chaize for what seems like years.

Getting Out of Town


written Monday, for posting Wednesday.

Tomorrow morning (oh, so, early) I’m leaving on a jet plane to visit my other martinis in Chicago. I know the Memorial Day holiday isn’t until next weekend, but it was time for a change of scenery.

I’m looking forward to some sweet time with Laura and her family. I am always relaxed and at home there. We might get some yummy breakfast, and I even heard a rumor there could be spa time.

I’ll be back next week. What are you doing for Memorial Day?

Crystal Blue Persuasion

crystal decor

Crystals have come a long way since the hippy-gypsy pink pendant I wore in junior high. I am loving the really clean lines and modern elegance of these pieces. I’m actually getting a little obsessed.

If you told me I’d be putting crystals all around my apartment, I’d have thought there’s no way it wouldn’t look like a Stevie Nicks crash pad. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

What do you guys think – would you ever decorate with crystals?

The image on the left features a Viktoria print from A Merry Mishap. The oversized print seen on the right is made by Debbie Carlos.

Mat Goes Here: Bridge

bridge yoga

This week I’m revisiting the Pacific Northwest in my mind. Maybe I’m just in the mood for a hike. There’s something about the canopy of tress, the filtered sunlight, the smell. I actually really miss that feeling of taking off my hikers after a good, long climb.

Now I’m imagining taking a yoga break on one of these rough hewn bridges. Doing tree pose among the tress. Stretching my hamstrings. Smelling the earth around me. Taking a deep breath.


yoga instagramDid you read this article in Well and Good about the surge of Instagram Yogis?

I often have to remind my students, and myself, that our goal in class isn’t to look like the cover of Yoga Journal. That everyone’s body is different, and each posture is beautiful no matter if it looks “perfect” or not.

When choosing images for this blog what I’m first drawn to is my completely visceral aesthetic response. I want this site to be pretty to look at. So that means high resolution images with interesting composition and color play. Does that mean that I’m often choosing professional photographs with models instead of your average joe-gi? A lot of the time, yes. What can I say, I like to look at pretty things.

Am I part of the problem of perpetuating an unattainable ideal? Ugh, I hope not. I will continue to make an effort to show beautiful postures that are individual and perfect just as they are.

And so I love the idea of seeing more “real” people’s postures, photographed beautifully. It seems like a great opportunity for a more democratic point of view.

Image from Trek Along. You can share with them on Instagram using the hashtag #NaturesGym.

Wild Asana: Azalea

wild asana supta

Who says a wild asana can’t be restorative? This week the beautiful azalea is in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We’re used to seeing these flowers grouped together in vibrant rolling bushes and hedges. Shocks of hot pink and purple.

But up close, each individual bloom reminds me of supta baddha konasana – a peaceful, restorative posture. Calm and open. Vulnerable and supported. Beautiful.

This image of the azalea is from Powell Gardens. The baddha konasana image is from the Pose of the Month blog.

Mat Goes Here: BoHo Yoga

bohemian lifestyle

I love a good boho interior. The natural wood beams, the patina on the walls. I imagine the people who live here putter around in bare feet all the time, eat exotic food with their fingers and plan world travels.

I could see baring my feet and skipping the mat in lieu of one of those layered rugs to get my bohemian yoga sutras on.

The interior on the left is from A Perfect Gray. The image on the right was found on Desire to Inspire.