The Trends that Will Dominate 2017

1) The ultimate user interface will be the human body

This is number one on a list of 5 Transformative Creative Trends* for the next year. Sometimes I read articles like this. It’s exhausting. I don’t read them out of genuine interest. I read them because I feel like I should stay up to date in my field. That I should know what the smart people know.

But I had one up on the smart people this time. Because I already knew this. And so do you.

User interface is usually referring to the hardware and software you use to connect to experiences. And by connect I mean look at, buy, like, share. And by experiences I mean youtube videos, facebook posts, ecommerce. What the article is talking about here is more in line with VR, with Google Home, with Snapchat spectacles. That the ‘technology’ part will become more and more integrated with our daily life and physical body – until the technology integrates with the body itself. The future.

Take a step away from the jargon and the sentence becomes farcically obvious. So obvious that it makes me angry. Of course, the human body is the way we connect to experiences. Really connect. To real experiences. Our eyes see the sunrise, our skin feels the wind, our tongues taste and our noses smell.

This is what technology is after. To build a perfect replica of ourselves made from innovation and commerce. So we can ‘experience’ ‘connection’ through a seamless ‘user interface’ instead of simply and deeply experiencing connection with our human body and senses.

Why the hell do we want that? What is so boring about our bodies? What is so scary about what we can perceive and how we connect? We are so busy trying to replicate the human experience that we often don’t understand the original.

This is what yoga and ayurveda are after – understanding the original. Letting the technology of the human machine function at its highest and most efficient so that our hearts and minds can rise above, can sink it, can experience everything. To experience the body, not to create our experiences all over again outside of our bodies.

I read articles like this because I feel like I’m supposed to. I do yoga so that I can interface with my body. So that I can connect with my breath. So that I can hone my user interface. Because I hear it’s the next big transformative, creative trend.




*Ad Age article here.



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