Shift happens


I don’t decide who to be every morning when I wake up. I just am.

Shift happens over time, it happens when we’re not paying attention. It happens when whether we’re busy or contemplative; intentional or unconscious.

But what if I could decide? If I could wake up each morning and decide who to be. I can’t wake up and change my job, my house, the weather, my friends and family – not every day. But what if I could decide who I am at my job; how I live in my house; how I respond to the weather; who I am as a friend, sister, daughter?

I’m starting to think I can decide. And I’m not talking about faking it. I’m talking about real, authentic shifts in behavior chosen based on what I feel in my soul. I’m talking about the possibility, just the mere possibility, that I might be able to behave differently, to choose differently, based on who I am and who I want to be.

These shifts aren’t drastic really. I’m not thinking of picking up and moving to the ashram – which is something I’ve considered a fantasy option for some years now. I love my life, it’s really, really close to exactly what I always wanted. But there are some things that feel out of control: the obligations, the pace, the isolation.

For example, I don’t want to be harried. So, what if I chose to start the day with a walk or a book, instead of checking email while I’m still in bed? Not such a big shift. But over time – who knows?

If I were to embark on this experiment, and test this theory, how do I do it? How do I know who I want to be each morning when I wake up? The only way I know how is to ask.

Ask, listen, act. And then maybe, just maybe, I can decide.

3 thoughts on “Shift happens

  1. Every day, we’re barraged by advice telling us how to live and who to be. My only resolution for this year is to ignore it all – to think for and be myself. Sounds so obvious. But in its own way, it’s revolutionary. Here’s to your shift and mine!

  2. Lovely thoughts Carrie. Ask, listen, act? Your choice to take action is evidence of your decision…. You’ve already got everything you need – the whole formula -shifty girlie! Mindful living changes everything – one moment at a time. And for each moment you choose to be awake – you empower me to do the same. Thanks! I’ll raise a glass to that shift as well – for all of us.

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