Project Giving Kids


I don’t talk about my day job very often on this site, other than to say I sit all day and type. What I do is advertise. Right now I write copy and come up with ideas to sell big cars. Big. Big. Cars.

It’s not exactly karmic. So I try to reach out and counteract my footprint in the ad world by doing some work for organizations I love and believe in. Project Giving Kids is such a worthy experiment in charitable service. It works to match kids and families with age-appropriate volunteer opportunities. Kids have this innate sense of justice and hope, and PGK fosters and supports that world view.

Project Giving Kids is in Beta right now, piloting their program in Boston. But they are looking to expand and take their message all over the country. I am so happy to see the site launch, and I can’t wait to see how they grow.

Check them out!

Image from one of Project Giving Kids’ partner organizations, Room To Grow.

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