Buddha Baby

Buddha Baby

I am so excited to be taking another training at Karma Kids. Led by Jyothi Larson, Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby, is all about postnatal yoga for new mothers and babies – obviously. There is something about that so-new relationship between a mom and baby, and between a new mom and her self, that I find completely compelling.
It’s so basic and so, so important.

A couple of years ago, I visited my M&M Chicago co-hort soon after she became a mamma. I was really in awe of the whole scene. Her apartment was all of a sudden a home. My friend turned into a parent overnight. That transformation is amazing to watch. And the baby, at about 2 weeks old, was my first baby-friend. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was humbled and honored to my core.

On the flight home I was reading up on doulas – post-pardum in particular. I didn’t end pursuing doula training, but the trip sparked a real call to support those awe-inspiring new relationships. I did drag my heels for two years, but I’m finally doing it. My post-natal training starts next month.

Image from Athletico.

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