yoga instagramDid you read this article in Well and Good about the surge of Instagram Yogis?

I often have to remind my students, and myself, that our goal in class isn’t to look like the cover of Yoga Journal. That everyone’s body is different, and each posture is beautiful no matter if it looks “perfect” or not.

When choosing images for this blog what I’m first drawn to is my completely visceral aesthetic response. I want this site to be pretty to look at. So that means high resolution images with interesting composition and color play. Does that mean that I’m often choosing professional photographs with models instead of your average joe-gi? A lot of the time, yes. What can I say, I like to look at pretty things.

Am I part of the problem of perpetuating an unattainable ideal? Ugh, I hope not. I will continue to make an effort to show beautiful postures that are individual and perfect just as they are.

And so I love the idea of seeing more “real” people’s postures, photographed beautifully. It seems like a great opportunity for a more democratic point of view.

Image from Trek Along. You can share with them on Instagram using the hashtag #NaturesGym.

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