Pride and Prejudice in Asana

matthew macfadyenI can do chaturanga in my sleep. And I do. And by that I mean, I’m sleeping through my vinyasa half the time. I don’t know how long it lasts, but all of a sudden I’ll “wake up” and notice my shoulders way below my hips in chaturanga, or my feet aren’t aligned in, well, anything.

Today though I nailed chaturanga. I couldn’t see it; I don’t have a mirror. But I was wide awake, mindful and easy. Aligned. I could feel it. And there was the smile and the extra depth of breath for the rest of my practice. A little prejudice against laziness can’t hurt.

This image doesn’t have much to do with chaturanga, but was a great excuse to post a hunky picture of Mr. Darcy.

One thought on “Pride and Prejudice in Asana

  1. Agreed. Oddly, chaturanga has always been one of my stronger poses. But when I’m not paying attention and take it for granted my form goes down the hill. Hence, a sore shoulder.

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