Wild Asana: Ranunculus


Ranunculus is one of my favorite blooms. All those petals folding in on one another, layer after layer.

I guess it would have been too easy to pair lotus the posture with lotus the flower, but the way legs fold into the body in this seated pose almost forms a little bloom, with the torso like the little yellow center of the flower poking out of the folded petals. Okay, am I getting a little Georgia O’keefe here? I’ll stop now. Suffice it to say, the feminine aspect of both of these image is not lost on me.

What I like about this pairing is the very complicated layering of the petals as they circle around a still point. To me it sits very well with this meditative posture, where the mind may be swirling around a very peaceful center point.

The yogi here is, of course, Christy Turlington. And the flower comes from the blog, Bonjour Bruxelles.

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