This & That: Holding Back

Okay. This is actually a more difficult post to write than I thought it would be. It’s about ego, and holding back in your practice to heal.

modified pigeon pose

I did something to my hip. Or sacroilliac joint, or low back. Something is a little off. I’ve been gentle. I have heating pads. I want to do yoga. I want my yoga to be amazing. I want it to feel like my joints are lubricated by angel spit.

But they aren’t.

You guys know I’m not a doctor – so when it comes to injuries, you have to check with one of them. I’m just here to tell you my personal experience.

I’m stiff, and it’s making me cranky. But I know that I have to hold back. I want to push, and pushing won’t heal my back. Soft, gentle exploration of joint movement is the way to go here.

So now to the This & That: When you feel stiff, or are recovering like this, modify your asanas. Go 70%, or 50%. Go even a third of the way there, and explore. I’m working on getting my ego out of the way and letting compassion for my body to take over.

In my case that might mean supine pigeon, this number four looking variation up top, instead of the eka pada raja kapotasana I’m used to.


Mmm. Doesn’t that look glorious though? It’s like looking at cake. I want it, but it’s just not good for me right now.

Finally, I thought I’d share this piece of wisdom from Yoga Journal. It’s basically exactly what I’m trying to say:

It can be very frustrating to hold back in class when you want to do all of the poses, but it is essential that you respect your body’s limits.

Yes, YJ, it is very frustrating. So here I am. Having to get my ego out of the way and do only as much as what’s good for healing my body. I’ll let you know how it goes.

First image found here. Second image here.

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