Watch this amazing joy-filled, bliss-packed moment from a South Pole adventurer. The bliss begins about one minute in. I dare you not to smile.

This is Aleksander Gamme experiencing a perfect moment – but it came only after intense struggle on day 86 of a 3-month trek to and from the South Pole when he found a stash of treats he’d buried in the snow about two months earlier.

Moments of total, world-shaking bliss are not easy to come by. Maybe that’s what makes them feel so life-altering when they strike. And so worth chasing…

This is from an episode of RadioLab, a podcast I listen to on my commute. (You can listen to this episode here.) I don’t even know if I can imagine being THAT happy.

On the other hand, when was the last time I pushed myself that close to the edge of suffering?

It made me wonder if bliss is inextricably paired with pain. If we live a medium life, where satisfaction and contentedness is the goal, can you experience real joy?

South Pole image here.

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