This & That: Love You Back

I realize all my This & That posts have been about how to counteract working at an office all day. But that’s what I do, folks! And I NEED to counteract this positioning. Desperately.


That said, low back discomfort can arise whether you’re sitting hunched over a laptop, or hauling a beautiful baby around on one hip. Malasana might be an unexpected counter pose. But the position of the hips can really help release tension in the low back.


Try to imagine your low back getting broader and wider as it releases. I am seriously craving this as type right now… Oh, boy. Pro Tip: If your heels don’t touch the ground (mine don’t) you can either balance, if that’s your thing, or place your heels on a pillow or rolled up blanket. Being able to release the heels down onto a surface will help overall release in the body.


First image found here. This image of Malasana here. I love that she’s smiling. And the Sadie Nardini image here.

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