This & That: Intentions

new intentions

If you’re intentions aren’t sticking, try leading with your core instead of your head. Twists are a great way to practice. Yeah, scroll it.

seated twist

A lot of us base our resolutions on what we think we should be doing. Eating right, going to the gym, drinking less. (Or was that just me?) But experience is teaching me that it’s tough to follow through with a decision you don’t believe in with your heart. Which is why the gym is packed in January and not in March.

There’s a reason we say ‘go with your gut’ and ‘follow your heart’ and it isn’t just because we like to be folksy. Our bodies have wisdom. Intuition doesn’t come from what we convince ourselves to be true. It simply is the truth. And that’s a much cleaner place to act from than the pigpen where our thoughts live.

Enough yoga folk wisdom, let’s get down to twists. Pretend you can turn your body in segments. Let’s say, in seated twist. Start with your belly button. Leave your ribcage, shoulders and neck in place and just turn the belly button. Then add the ribcage. Keep your face forward. Turn your shoulders next. Do you feel the difference in this twist already? I do. Turn your head and neck last to align with your spine.

Your head follows your heart.

In a twist, if you initiate with your head and neck, the rest of the body doesn’t always follow. You can strain your neck and miss some of the squeeze-and-soak benefits of the twist on your internal organs. If, however, you start from the abdomen, you’ll have the support of the major muscles of your back and core to support your intention. And your twist.

Top image from the Daily Mail UK. Seated twist image from the beautiful Kora Organics site.

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