This & That: Chest Cold

a cold

‘Tis the season for a chest cold. If you’re coughing and congested, try supported bridge (Salamba Setu Bandhasana) to open up the chest and increase circulation to the upper torso.

bridge pose

I get a cold every year around the holidays. Seriously, every single year. Something about the weather shifting and running around like a crazy person. If regular bridge pose is too much for your achey body, use all the support you can get: your arms, a block, a bolster. Even a blanket folded several times. The goal is not a huge backbend, but a gentle opening of the upper torso. So take it easy, breathe, and stay there for a bit. You’ll be resting and doing yoga at the same time. Look how efficient you are!

The first image is from a blog called Sure As the World. The image of bridge pose, along with all of those handy notes, is from Everybody Thrive, where they offer posture cues on all sorts of asana.

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