This & That: Sandy

If you are feeling stressed and isolated, try something outside of your home practice. Go to a local yoga class. Even if you don’t talk to anyone, it might feel good to be with people. A community of support doesn’t have to mean best friends. Sometimes it can just mean humanity.

As things begin to return to normal for most of us after the hurricane, I’m still very much aware of those who were not so lucky. The whole event has taken its toll on me though, in terms of stress and emotions. It’s hard to admit, because I know so many people had it much worse, but I can just feel all the tension in the air. And it’s rough.

While my home practice is always a salve, I feel like being out amongst the people for a community yoga class is just what I need.

The first image is my own and the second comes from the Kripalu blog, Thrive.

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