Yoga in Tough Times

This week has been rough for those of us in the North East. Right now the sky is an incredible blue and the clouds are perfect white and shadow. The storm, and the aftermath, have really been stressing me out. I’ll say this, I am among the fortunate to have power and water. So, so many people are not so lucky.

I’ve tried to curtail my consumption of media at this point. It’s so overwhelming. I feel better when I reach out to the community around me – letting friends and family come charge electronics, get warm and do laundry; or just sitting in coffee shops chatting with neighbors – than I do when I’m on twitter or Facebook or even reading the news.

I keep telling myself this is an opportunity to slow down. To let go. To be aware and to practice. But it’s hard not to be wound up when there is so much swirling around us. I have been lacing up my sneakers and running, rather than getting on the mat. But I feel that shifting now too.

With this post, I’m simply stating where I am in my head. Completely grateful, worried about those who are still without power, and worse. And simply trying to hold the space to have all of these emotions at once.

Be safe.

Image from Michelle Gardella Photography. Doesn’t it look so peaceful?

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