How Vanity Helped My Wheel Pose

I showed up at class this week feeling tight and hot behind the eyes. Every muscle was clinging to the bone. I knew yoga would be good, but I went half heartedly – the other half wanted to curl up and nap.

Surprise! My teacher had a photographer attend to take some PR photos. Sproing! The mind went racing about wanting my practice to look good.

Well, that’s ridiculous. Of course. This was still my practice, and I could look however my body needed to look in that moment. But, still? I gave in to the ego.

Apparently, that was all the push I needed. I pulled up a little bit higher in shoulder stand. Lifted a little bit more in wheel. Sunk a little bit lower in warrior two. I didn’t go down into child’s pose when the first wave of fatigue struck – but you know what I found out? – I didn’t need to. My energy stayed high. Even though I was propelled in part by vanity, I stuck close to my edge the whole class. And I made it.

I felt amazing after class. I didn’t push myself to injury, but I did give my practice a little something extra that day. The power of the gaze, right?

Image from this Bikram site.


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