It’s Right There

The door is right there. It’s right in front of me. All I have to do is open it, and walk through.

And guess what? I’m not walking through. I see it. It’s very seeable. I’m standing there. I carried a watermelon.

I clicked on the link that said, “You Can’t Force the Release” and read this:

It feels unfair and wrong that someone such as you or me or everyone else we’re friends with should be intelligent and loveable and hard-working, with access to resources or full of ideas – and yet, we can’t seem to get unstuck from this one bit of stuckness…

Yes! It feels unfair. But “forcing the release” doesn’t work. Closing my eyes and clenching my fist and banging my entire body against the door won’t work. So, yeah, like a lot of things, I don’t really know what comes next. I think I’m supposed to trust that seeing the door is a good thing. And trust that it won’t disappear anytime soon. That it will be there when I’m ready to walk through it.

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