I don’t have a “This & That” post planned today, though I thought of trying to cobble one together from my phone. What I do have today is just life. My computer is in the shop and I’m in the midst of a move. I’m only going two blocks away, but it still feels big. Sometimes when one thing shifts, everything moves. My normal routine is thrown completely out of whack.

So I’m going to keep on putting tiny thing in little boxes and pack those boxes into bigger boxes until tonight. Then I’ll take a deep breath, look around my new place, and surely collapse into a heap.

I have a couple of posts brewing and will be back here to share them with you soon. What about you? Can one shift throw you off your game?


One thought on “Shift

  1. The funny thing is that these shifts keep on coming. Better yet these shifts are the essence of a full life. Without them ,we live a routine uneventful life. Shifts give us fodder to learn and grow… and then go to bed early

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