Not Skipping to The End

Remember the wedding scene in Princess Bride? There’s a commotion outside, and it’s clear things are not going as planned. Knowing this, Humperdink shouts at the priest, “Skip to the end!”

Well, when things aren’t going my way, I have a tendency to want to “skip to the end” too. Like a little kid with my hands over my eyes, I want to ignore the scary part and have someone tell me when it’s safe to come out again.

I noticed this the other day when I was telling someone a story and she stopped me and said, “Wait. What happened in the middle there?” I skipped over the part of the story that upset me without even realizing it. That’s how much I didn’t want to deal with it!

Ugh. So I have no idea, to be honest, how to change this. Except to practice not doing it. To stop and notice when I’m skipping over the hard part, and breathe. And just notice it. That’s it. Notice it. And you know what? It’s hard. At least it is for me. Sometimes after the deep breath and the noticing, I get choked up. There’s something else underneath. And other times, nothing. The whatever it is, is deeper, and I can’t always find it. But I’m looking. The goal is not skipping to the end.

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